Have Some Stacks of Magazines ? Repurpose Them

Introduction: Have Some Stacks of Magazines ? Repurpose Them

Hi guys , welcome to my another instructable . For this contest, I thought to make 2 upcycled DIY projects using old magazines which looks very attractive and are fun and easy to make. These crafts are best suitable for past time crafters. So lets get started.


You will need

Old magazines



Paint or nail polish

Beading thread or wire


Step 1: Roll Them Away

Tear the papers of the magazine and divide each paper into 4 quarters. Start to roll them from one diagonal's corner to other diagonal's corner.Secure the roll with glue . Make some more rolls and we are gonna use these rolls for both the DIY's.

Step 2: Making the Frame​ (optional)

1 st DIY : Magazine roll art for decor

For the frame, I have used stiff cardboard and had covered it with canvas paper . This is how I make the cheapest canvas frames. You can also use a frame which is available at your home.

Step 3: Assembly

Actually I thought to attach a printable with this instructable but each person has a different liking . Here, I used some random printout. You can even draw an outline of your favorite character. Just try to be creative as possible. Now, cut out the image using scissors. If you are a kid, ask an adult to help you with the cutting and trimming of parts. Start to stick the rolls over the printout. Then cut out the excess rolls and bring it to a nice shape . Paint it if you want to. Stick it to the canvas board. Now your magazine roll art is ready.

Step 4: Start to Cut and Roll the Paper

2 nd DIY : paper bead necklace

Start by cutting a paper into long and uneven strips. If you like to have a cylindrical bead , measure and cut a long strip which would be even on both the sides or measure equally and mark over the rolls and start to cut them into pieces. Now your paper beads are ready. If you like to give the beads some colour, paint it using nail polish or with some acrylics. Then string the beads into a beading thread . Now your necklace is ready.

That's it for now. Don't forget to post your queries in the comment section below and if you guys have tried this, post your image in the" I MADE IT " section. See you next time in my another instructable ,till then


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