Introduction: Turn a 250yo Tree Into a Love Seat!

The Giving Tree is preserved into a very popular photo destination spot and hangout!

Step 1: Sad Loss Becomes a Happy Place

When we began our restoration of an 1870’s property in Statesville, NC, we were sad to learn that one of the most beautiful trees on the property had to go. It had root rot and since it towered over the house, it had to be carefully removed. As a tree hugger, all I wanted was to save something of this tree because it predated the homes construction and deserved to endure.

Step 2: Removing History

Cranes were needed to remove the bulk of this massive tree ... much of which was taken to Fort Dobbs for construction and restoration at their historic landmark.
The base of the tree had to be cut into sections of less than 4 ft tall as any longer the crane operator could not safely lift without the crane tipping.

Step 3: A Vision Became a Mission

We left the stump of the tree and initially carved a rough seat in it. But that quickly got us thinking. Our home was to become a wedding venue and this old stump could become an amazing feature for photos.

Step 4: Rough Cut

We initially had chainsaws to carve a rough but more refined two seat chair from the tree stump. Then the real work of using a grinder with a chainsaw like wheel helped us develop the contours and form needed to define the seat. After a great deal of sanding with both a belt sander and orbital sander, our “Love Seat” was taking shape. We knew that the tree was still a living structure and decided to use Australian Palm Oil to seal and protect it. Exterminators treated the base to prevent termites as well.

Step 5: The Finished Product

Now the tree has been repurposed and will endure for a very long time with some maintenance. We are so glad to have saved it.

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