Introduction: How to Plan a TASK Party

A TASK party is an event in which party members draw tasks (written by the host) from a bucket, perform the task, write a new one, and continue. The tasks can be as wildly imaginative as possible, and as craft-like as you want.

A TASK party can be held in order to break the ice, explore new materials, or help to get creative juices flowing.

This year at the North Carolina Museum of Art, the Teen Art Council's kickoff party was a TASK Party! Here is how to plan one of your own. This event was created by Oliver Herring, the author of TASK. More information can be found at

Step 1: Find Your Space

A TASK party can be anywhere you like, but it's important to have a nice open space for you and the participants. It can be indoors or outdoors. Make sure the space is engaging and fun. It might be good to decorate the space beforehand to set a light and fun mood. Also make sure to have music playing in the background, as you do with any good party.

Step 2: Gather Materials

Make sure you have plenty of materials that can be used to carry out tasks. Good materials include:

-found objects
-fabric scraps
-aluminum foil
...and anything else you can find!

And also be sure to provide party snacks, like chips and sodas or maybe a pizza.

Step 3: Create Tasks

Write dozens of tasks that will get the party members to interact with each other and the space around them in fun and different ways. Tasks can be short and easy or they can last for a while during the party. Examples from Oliver Herrings book:

--"Tell someone, 'Way to go, Einstein!' real sarcastically like a jerk".
--"Make five valentines. Give them to people you've never met".
--"Pantomime milking a cow for three people".

More examples would be:
--Make two crowns out of anything. Wear one, and give one to a stranger
--Using whatever materials you can find, create a mask that will give the wearer special powers
--Using whatever materials you can find, create an imaginative gravestone with your epitaph on it

Put the tasks in a bucket to have people pick from. After fulfilling the task, write a new one, pick a new one, and continue.

Step 4: Take Pictures

Take lots of pictures! Document your task party because it won't be something you will want to forget.

Step 5: Enjoy!

The TASK party can last as long as you want. With plenty of people, materials, and tasks, the fun can go on and on.