Introduction: Hawaiian Floral Hand Art

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These Hawaiian themed flowers are cool for the summer! This design was inspired by nail artist Sophie Harris-Greenslade whom I discovered on Instagram @theillustratednail.

Colors Used

  • Mehron Paradise: Dark Pink / Light Pink / Yellow / Orange / Lime / Light Blue / Black
  • Snazaroo: Dark Green

Step 1: Pink Flowers

First, I used a dark pink paint to draw three flowers randomly on my hand.

Step 2: Yellow Flowers

Next, I added two more flowers on the remaining spots on my hand in yellow.

Step 3: Tropical Leaves

Then, I added tropical leaves in between the flowers in lime green and light blue.

Step 4: Flower Centres

Then, I added the centers to the flowers: I used light pink on the dark pink flowers, and orange on the yellow flowers.

Step 5: Black Outlines

Then, I used black to add detailing to each of the flowers' centers.

Step 6: Outline Leaves

Then, I used dark green to outline the light green leaves, and I used lime green to outline the light blue leaves.

Step 7: Outline Flowers

Then, I outlined the flowers. I used light pink to outline the dark pink flowers, and orange to outline the yellow flowers.

Step 8: White Detailing

Then, I added some white detailing over the black detailing on the centers of the flowers.

Step 9: Black Background

Finally, I filled in the empty areas with black to give it a dark background for the light features of this beautiful tropical Hawaiian floral design!

Now, it's done!

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