Introduction: Head-to-toe Ensemble From Old T-shirts!

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Take your throw-away t-shirts and turn them into a fashionable head-to-toe look! T-shirts are SOOOO versatile! Come see how I did it!

Step 1: You Will Need

For this head-to-toe ensemble, you will need:

  • Modge Podge (homemade is fine)
  • Fabric scissors (sharp)
  • Dollar store flip flips
  • At least 4 old T-Shirts
  • Needle and thread
  • Book
  • Jewelry molds
  • Glitter Glue (Stickles is best)
  • Long shoe lace
  • hot glue/gun
  • earring studs (dollar/craft store)

Step 2: Pick and Prep Your T-Shirts

These t-shirts were all bound for the trash, holes, stains and ill fits :(

But then I saw this challenge, and decided to turn these tees into a cute summer outfit, perfect for the beach!

  • When picking your tees, be sure they are clean
  • Also make sure there are no visible stains on the skirt area (bottom part of whatever tee you choose)

Step 3: Headband!

This is a simple 2-prong headband, SO EASY!

  • Make T-shirt yarn, cut thin strips, and pull tight
  • Braid three pieces
  • Leave one piece free and decorate with glitter glue
  • Let glue dry
  • Pull both pieces around head to measure fit
  • Tie and cut off excess string
  • Put on, and separate pieces for pronged look!

Step 4: Jewelry!!! Bling From Old Tees!

For the jewelry I decided to make a statement necklace as well as earrings.

I used a Modge Podge and fabric mulch method. See Video for more detailed instructions!

  • Cut fabric into very fine pieces creating a mulch
  • Mix mulch with Modge Podge 2 to 1 ratio (Mulch being 2)
  • Push wet mulch into jewelry molds
  • Let dry overnight
  • Make Faux Chain using grey T-shirt yarn and glitter glue
  • Decorate dry pieces with glitter glue, varying shade works best
  • Glue pieces to chain (super glue is best, but hot glue will work as well
  • Glue backings to earrings (backings are from broken pair of earrings)
  • Voila!

Step 5: Diamond Back Top

  • Find the middle of the back of your Tee
  • Fold length-wise
  • Use a book to guide your cutting in a diamond pattern
  • Cut about half inch strips

Loop the fabric (See Video!)

Add details to top

  • Loop sleeves
  • Butterfly stitch neckline
  • Cut off bottom of Tee

Step 6: Skirt!

  • Cut straight across beneath arm pit area
  • Turn upside down
  • Locate middle of hem
  • Add 2 small slits
  • Feed through shoe lace
  • For bottom breaded look do the same looping from (video)

Step 7: Beach Bag!

I loved the pattern of this Tee, so I'm so glad it now has new life as my summer beach bag!

  • Cut across beneath arm area
  • Cut strip for handle
  • Sew handle to bag
  • Sew bottom of bag

Step 8: Faux Grecian Sandals

I love the look of Grecian sandals, but they can get a bit pricey. Here's a fun way to take cheap flip flops and turn them into Grecian Sandals, using you guessed it...T-shirt material!

  • Cut long strips of material and pull tight (to make thick yarn)
  • Make sure the color of the Tee and the flip flops match
  • Loop yarn over toe divider, and across front of foot
  • Keep crossing back and forth, until you get the desired look
  • Pull taught, and tie in back of knee

Step 9: Enjoy Your Creations!

I think this is a perfect outfit to wear as a a swimsuit cover, so hit the beach, and feel good that you created something new from something bound for the trash! Happy creating!

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