Introduction: Headache Free Antler Headdress

I found lots of amazing ideas online for antler and flower headdresses, but they all used traditional plastic headbands. As a person who is prone to headaches, I wanted to make something that would look and feel great. This is my take on a stag patronus for a costume party. I was able to design the antlers and headpiece separately so I could ride in the car!

Step 1: Gather Necessary Items.

  • Gentle or No Headache fit cloth headband. Get one that has two layers, you will want to place your antlers inside the two layers of fabric.
  • At least two longer plastic (or actual) twigs. I used a combination of a spiraling twig and a silver-leafed twig.
  • Assorted flowers and floral accessories (I went with white and purple). I also ended up using some scrap netting in both purple and silver.
  • Glue sticks, glue gun, 26 gauge wire, wire cutter, paper plates, scissors.

Step 2: Prepare Your Antlers

You will want to begin by considering how tall you would like your antlers to be. Caution: The taller they are, the more balance issues you might have.

You will want to cut the twigs approximately three inches longer than you would like them to be from the top of your head. The extra twig portions will go inside the headband and provide the necessary supports to keep the antlers upright.

If you use two types of faux twigs, you will need to attach the pieces together. Use a generous amount of 26 gauge wire and wrap the two stems together. Cover the wire with hot glue to ensure that the ends do not loosen and poke you in the head. You could also use floral tape to cover the wires.

Step 3: Attach the Antlers

Use a spare portion cut from one of the twigs to form an arch. Shape the arch to your head (generally) and using the 26 gauge wire, attach the two antlers to this center piece. You should cover the wire with hot glue or floral tape.

Step 4: Prepare Your Headband

Place the headband on your head, using a sharpie or eyeliner pen, make a mark in front of your ear tragus. Using your scissors, cut a 1/8 hole on the top of the headband towards this mark.

Warning: The example photo also shows cuts in the center and bottom of the headband, I ultimately discovered that these cuts were unnecessary.

Insert the antlers into the cuts in the headband. The extra twig length should sit in front of your ears and should not squeeze your head or put pressure on your ears. The cross piece should sit just above your head and should not put any pressure on your scalp.

Step 5: Embellish Your Headband

Embellishments should suit the color scheme of your choice. Start by dividing flowers into single or small sections. Next, begin the process of hot glueing these items to the headband. Complete from the ear to the center (1/4 of the band) and then from the center to the opposite ear (1/4 of the band).

As you work, it may be a good idea to put the headband on. If you notice stretching in areas (and thus the headband color popping through), just add more embellishment in those places. Don't put the headband on while the glue is hot.

Tip: If you thin the leaves from your antler branches, you can incorporate them into your headband decoration. I simply placed a small amount of glue at the bottom of the leaf and pinched to get a curved effect. Be careful with the hot glue!

Step 6: Assemble

For the last step, place the antlers back into the holes. The antlers should sit comfortably and blend in with the decoration.

If you want a more dramatic impact, add makeup to complete your "stag" look. You can also complete the look with white and silver attire. Hopefully, you have a husband who will agree to dress as a Dementor. Then you can go to a fancy dress up party and spend the night vanquishing him instead of having headaches!

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