Introduction: Headlamp From a Mini Flashlight

How to make a headlamp from a mini AAA flashlight,
a flexible light solution for traveling and camping, low weight and size.

  • Quick to use ( from flashlight to headlamp in less than 5 sec.....)

  • Compact in size, only adds a few millimeter to the flashlight thickness

  • The flashlight can be positioned on the head in 2 ways:
    straight forward or downwards.

  • Can also be attached to different objects (size/diameter 10- 120 mm),

  • or be hung like shown (and directed in different ways by twisting it),
    which can be useful as ceiling light in a tent.

Step 1: Materials

  • 2 cable ties, length 100 mm or 4 inch.

  • A piece of plastic, size 20 x 20 x 1 mm, HD-PE or PP.

  • Elastic cord (shock cord), diameter/size 2,5 mm or 3/32 inch, length: 70 cm.

Step 2: How to Make It

Make a 10 mm round plastic "washer" out of the plastic piece and punch or drill a hole in the middle
(same diameter/size as the cord).

Cut off the "lock part" off one of the cable ties.
Assemble parts as shown .
Tighten the cable tie hard (use a plier) and cut off the end.

Make the large loop, adjust the size to fit comfortably on your head
and tighten the knot hard as shown to preserve the loop size.
Make the small loop (18 mm, tighten the knot hard in the same way ),
cut off the cord ends and melt them with a lighter (unless you want frayed ends).


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