Introduction: Headphone Hanger From CD/DVD Spindle

My inspiration for this is from this Instructable: Great idea, but I don't know how long the duct tape idea would hold and it probably would rip the finish off of my wooden desk upon removal. This is my first Instructable. Any comments/criticisms will be appreciated.

Step 1: Screw Washer to Post

I used a 25 DVD holder for this and using a screw attached it to the end of the post.

Step 2: Bend Coat Hanger

Then I took a piece of a coat hanger and bent it so it would hang on my desk drawer and the loop would fit around the flange on the DVD holder.

Step 3: Attach to Base

I had to cut out a little bit of plastic from around the flange and the lip that goes around the base.

Step 4: Hang on Drawer

Here's how the hooks look hanging over the drawer

Step 5: Done!

A convenient place to keep your headphones within reach and off your desk and not under or in the way of stuff in your desk drawers.