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This is my idea for a headphone hoodie I got a few idea from this This is my version for having headphone is a hoodie this i great for very thing u don't forget your headphone their just in your jumper What u need A hoodie ( preferably a non zipper one but others shouldn't make a difference) Some in ear headphones Scissors Needle and thred Velcro

Step 1: Fixing the Cord to the Hoodie

First turn hoodie inside out leave a small length at the top of the pocket the start stitching on the sem Every now and again put the needle through the plastic cover of the cord to secure it down When u get to the sleeve just turn to the sem and keep goin Went u get to the half circle thing under the hood (as showen in last picture) tie of the string

Step 2: Putting It in the Hood

First on the half circle cut a small hole Put one headphone in cut a hole on the other side push the earphone though and out the other The part that the two earphones come apart on get that on the inside in the middle of the half circle then stich it on (as showen in the pics) Turn ur hoodie back around the right way Don't worry your almost done

Step 3: Through the Inside Pocket

So you've got your hoodie right way around fold up half of the bottom so u can see your pocket from the inside so cut a small hole in the top of the pocket and put the bit of cord you left off the end and put it through Fix the cord onto the pocket putting the string through the plastic again Fold the jumper dawn and YOUR DONE ( you put the cord in the pocket for your smartphone or iPod )


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