Introduction: Headphone Jack Fix

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Hey guys!

Okay so the other day I began running into a problem with my iPod touch 4th gen and its connection to my main pair of headphones. When playing music with this set up, all vocals were cut out and it was like listening for all the background stuff but it was still very VERY poor quality. Earlier this year it had been like this unless the headphone plug was turned a certain way but it finally gave out. The headphones worked in other devices just fine, and the iPod played on other audio connectors also just fine. But I was not content with this. As any like minded person would do, I began the search upon the inter-webs for a solution for my problem. After only a short unsuccessful searching session, I came to the following choices.

Step 1: The Choices at Hand


1. Buy a new iPod (NO WAY)

2. Buy a new pair of headphones (NOPE)

3. Replace the iPod headphone connection (RISKY)


Step 2: Get an Adapter!

This was the choice I ended up going with. What it is is a 3.5 mm male to female adapter. They normally come with Lifeproof cases or you can purchase a 3 pack for 5 dollars at the link below on amazon (as of time of posting)

Step 3: Plug In, Switch On, ROCK OUT

Once you have you adapter, plug one end into whatever device you need to and plug in speakers or headphones to the other end and give it a whirl!

Hopefully this helped

please note, I have only tested this concept on one occasion so I cannot guarantee that this will be the fix you need, but for five bucks instead hundreds seems like its at least worth a shot before going all out if you don't have to.

Thanks for reading!