Introduction: Headphone Keeper

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Two hundred miles to Albuquerque and your little one announces “I can’t hear it”.

…….. The headphones are broken.

Now you get to listen to Elmo until the next civilized exit pops up.

This little idea helps keep your headphones from being trampled on the floor boards. Thus, extending the life of your headphones and your sanity.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

DO NOT USE WIRE COAT HANGERS. In the event someone falls on the plastic hook, it will snap right off. Using a wire hanger could cause serious injury.

You’ll need a plastic coat hanger and rubber end caps. The plastic hangers are found at any home store and the rubber end caps come from the wire shelving section at any home improvement store.

For tools you’ll need a rotary tool, pair of diagonal cutting pliers, and a heat gun.

Step 2: Grind Out the Corner Support

Some plastic hangers are designed without this.

If your hanger has it, simply grind it out with a rotary tool. Wear eye protection.

The second picture shows before and after.  

Step 3: Cut, Heat, and Bend

Heat the bend of the coat hanger where you ground out the corner support. Make sure to use even heat. Don’t get so close with the heat gun that you burn the hanger. Sharpen the bend until the free end touches the long portion of the hanger. Once the bend is in, submerge it in cold water to “freeze” it in.

Heat the opposite side in the same manner but this time do it to form a hook. Once the plastic becomes pliable, twist the hook 90 degrees as you bend it down. You’ll want the closed hook side to be perpendicular to the open hook side. See the pictures.

Step 4: Adjust and Fit the Caps

Depending on the angle of the seat your working with, you may need to add a slight bend along the hanger. Just keep any hot plastic away from the upholstery.

Fit the plastic caps onto the cut ends of the hanger.

Step 5: Place It

Lift your head rest. Thread the closed hook over the head rest support bar closest to the outside of the vehicle.

Make sure the long portion of the hanger rests in front of the other support bar. See the pictures.

Lower the head rest again to keep it in place.

Happy Travels. 
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