Introduction: Headphone Mount (Magnetic)

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Hey guys just a quick upload today, its a simple 3d printed headphone mount that uses magnets to stick to the front of your case. I've found it super nice and really cleaned up my setup getting rid of the terrible included headphone stand with my Astro's.


  1. 20 x10mm magnet (I used)
  2. Glue (I used two part epoxy)

Step 1: 3D Printing

The print is super easy for all the details and STL's go to my thingiverse here:

Step 2: Assembly

Assembly is super easy

  1. First fit 4 magnets into each hole with a small amount of glue to hold them down.
  2. apply glue to the small inner ring of the top print sit each piece on a table and push together to ensure they join together square.


Step 3: Wrap Up

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