Introduction: Headphones Neck Hanger


This is a project to create a paracord-based holder so you can hang your wired headphones on your neck. It's a straightforward project that anyone can do in an hour or so.

Let's get started.

Materials list:

  • about 2 feet of paracord
  • a few feet of #6 bank line (a thin tarred 3-strand nylon line) or equivalent
  • (optional) a lanyard bead

Tools list:

  • a paper clip

Step 1: Trim the Paracord

Take your paracord, and drape it over your neck and then trim to length. Mine is slightly over 2 feet long.

Next, we want to trim off about an inch of the inner strands on each side. To do that, I held one end while pulling out an inch from the other, trimming it, and then repeating for the other side.

Step 2: Knot and Insert

Cut 2 strips of about 3" of bank line or equivalent. These are what will be used to hold the headphone wires.

Tie a simple overhand knot in the ends to form a loop. Do this with both strips. Now open a leg of a paperclip (blue in the above photo) and use it to push the bankline knot about 3/4" into an end of the paracord. Be careful and work slowly, and you should have little problem.

Try to remember how you did this, as we'll later need to do the same to the other end of the paracord.

Step 3: Whipping

As it is, the bank line will easily pull out of the paracord. We will use what's called Common Whipping to secure it to the paracord. This is probably the easiest way to whip the ends and it looks great.

Once you've finished the whipping, trim the whipping line ends as close to the whipping as you can.

End your whipping just short of the end of the paracord. Then fray the end of the paracord with your finger to give it a fuzzy look.

Step 4: Replicate

Hopefully that went without trouble. The Common Whipping is a useful thing to know and one of my favorite rope things.

Now replicate the last two steps on the other end of the paracord. The result should look like the pictures above.

You're essentially done, now. You just need to . . .

Step 5: Bead and Attach to Headphones

Fold the middle of the paracord and, optionally, insert your adjustment bead or toggle.

The final step is to attach your work to your wired headphones. A nice-looking and removable way to do that is to use a Lark's Head/Cow Hitch. See the photos for the final result.

To use it, just put the paracord over your head and onto your neck. The headphones will dangle unobtrusively on your chest until needed.

I'll post a photo of the system being worn if it would help with clarity.

Good luck with your build and let me know what you think in the comments. If you make a set, please post a photo. I'd love to see it, especially if you embellish it with beads or decorative knots and such.