Introduction: Heady Wrapped 3 Color Kyanite Pendant

About: I am a mother of 2 great boys. I started wire wrapping in 2011. I have been playing with beads and art for nearly my whole life. I have done string beads and macrame, now wire wrapping and soon metal smithing…

Good day all,

I am an unusual breed when it comes to wire wrapping. I don't plan most of my works. here is a basic guide on how my wraps come together.


any wire can be used I used the following

20 gauge dead soft copper

28 gauge dead soft copper

round nose pliers

chain nose pliers

jewelry wire cutters

Kyanite stones, I found 3 in my collection that i liked. blue, orange and green.

Any stone combination will work, 1 stone and up, all varies on what you would like.

Step 1: The Bail - the Top Loop

I like starting at the top, where in this case leather cord is going to hold the pendant.

Two sections of 20 gauge wire start in picture one with 28 gauge wrapping around. This wrap is made my making two complete circles around one wire then passing under the other where another two circles are made then back under the original keeping the passes close together and the pressure on the wraps even and adjusting with fingernails to ensure that each wrap is close to the last.

The first picture also shows here I started to incorporate one of the wires on the larger wrap that is one from the back

The second picture i added a wire folded in half on the back, I used a second 28 gauge to wrap this one. The front wire I added a small loop and wrapped in the wire from the back just a few times before dropping it out.

Step 2: Front Cage

This is 4 pieces of 20 gauge started with 2 continuing the two wraps around then under pattern. when I added the 3 and 4th pieces the pattern was still the same till the wrap around the outer two. It is only one circle.

Here there are many variants on how to wrap. just pick a pattern and keep it for a little while. I find the best way to change the wrap pattern is when a new wire is added or when spirals change the way with wire lays. For this piece i keep the same pattern for the whole thing.

Step 3: Beginning to Add the Stones

I found these three pieces set together very well. To keep them together where i wanted them i did have to place a scrap 30 gauge wire around the stones to be removed later.

Step 4: Placing the Front Cage

Still getting the plan for this wrap together. I played with the stone position in this picture. I ended up with a different layout. I also started adding more spirals and loops to the wrap along with moving the wire position to areas where i predict i will be wrapping more.

Step 5: More Wire!

This is the back of the project. I have added three wires in this picture. one is under my thumb ( sorry not all that helpful) the other two are on the right. I attached them to a single wire already in the project after I wrapped about an inch. The section that I added to the third ended up being made into a spiral around the back of the piece.

wraps like this one really are simple wrapped added and added on top of each other until the piece is no longer simple.

Step 6: Keep Wrapping

This is what many pieces look like at they are nearing done. I call this the spider stage.

There are small additions twist and turns. Keeping adding small wraps, connecting the small wraps together to tighten and hold it together. I keep with the two wraps around then under and two wraps around and back. Now you can also see where I have moved wrapped sections over or under other sections.

My favorite way to end wire is with a spiral. I have a good spiral in the last picture. This is done by taking your round nose pliers and starting a spiral at the end of a wire. I usually also use my chain nose to keep the spiral going and to tuck it in place when done.

Step 7: Trimming Down

your stones are now nicely wrapped in and are not moving. The say wire has been cut and gently removed. All the wraps feel as if they are done. Nice gaps are also done so the stones are just as viewed as the wire wraps. the long sections of wire have been trimmed down. Last step is to spiral and tuck ends.

Step 8: Finished

All spiraled and tucked.

Something I do for each piece is gently move the piece in my hands to make sure that I have tucked all my ends well and there is no sharp ends sticking out.

I am not sure how to say the last part with out being checked into the hospital. Let the wire talk. Listen to where it wants to go. Crazy I know. Well even crazier is when i get in an argument with the wire. ( I usually loose).

Experiment with your patterns and how you add your wire. Starting with a drilled stone helps when you are just beginning the wrapping process.

Thank you.


Witch Wire.

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