Introduction: *Healthier Starbucks Granola*

Who doesn't love crunchy, golden, aromatic, slightly sweet granola!? Granola is so incredibly versatile and even more DELICIOUS!. The ways to eat it are endless...pop it on top of creamy oatmeal, garnish your smoothie, enjoy it with yoghurt and fresh fruit or simply eat it as an afternoon snack on its own! Plus, this granola recipe is refined sugar-free, vegan and dairy-free!

Not only this, but it is cost and time effective which is great for busy people or those who want a healthy, convenient option. This granola is full of fibre (keeping you fuller for longer!), healthy fats and low GI carbohydrates which all contribute towards a balanced diet.

The recipe is extremely adaptable meaning you can mix and match the ingredients depending on what you have available. It's super quick and easy to make and will make sufficient granola for weeks (perfect to make ahead for a quick snack or breakfast!

What are we waiting for? Enough talking; Let's make this!



- Large mixing bowl

- Small mixing bowl

- Wooden spoon/spatula

- Sheet pan

- Parchment paper or silicon mat


- 2 cups of Old Fashioned Rolled Oats

- 2 cups of Seeds (you can mix and match); E.g. Sunflower Seeds Or Pumpkin Seeds OR Sesame Seeds OR chia seeds

- 2 cups of Nuts (you can mix and match); E.g. Peanuts OR Almonds OR Hazelnuts OR Walnuts OR Brazil Nuts OR Cashew Nuts OR Pecans OR Macadamia

- 1 cup of coconut chips OR dessicated coconut

- 6tbsp coconut oil

- 6tbsp liquid honey OR maple syrup OR date paste

- 1tsp ground ginger (optional)

- 1tsp ground cinnamon (optional)

- 2tsp peanut butter (optional)

-1-2tsp vanilla extract (optional)

Step 1: Make the Mix

Start by preheating the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit (200 degrees Celcius) and then line your oven tray with baking paper, set aside.

Next, combine the oats, seeds, nuts and cinnamon and/or ginger (if using) in a large bowl and mix well until combined.

Step 2: Making the Oil Mix

Next, combine the melted coconut oil (microwave on high for 15s if solid), liquid honey (or desired sweetener) and vanilla essence (if using) and peanut butter (if using), stirring well until combined. Add this mixture into the dry ingredients and stir until all of it is fully incorporated and coated evenly. Transfer the mix onto your pre-lined baking paper and spread evenly across the tray.

Step 3: Baking Time!

Place the oven tray in the preheated oven and bake it for approximately 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, remove the oven tray from the granola, gently toss the granola and return to the oven for another 5 minutes. Depending on your oven, the granola may need more or less time (you'll know when it's ready when it's golden brown and you can hear the seeds popping!). After it's completely done, remove the tray from the oven and mix through coconut chips/desiccated coconut. Set aside the granola to cool completely (approximately 45 mins) before transferring to an airtight container/jar.

Step 4: Devaour & Enjoy!

Your delicious granola is now ready for you to eat! If kept in the airtight container, in a cool, dark place (i.e. pantry) your granola should last for a few months. Delicious!!

The question is... what are you going to eat it with?

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