Introduction: Healthy Russian Salad and Peach Juice!

Russian Salad and Peach Juice are a combination of both "HEALTHY" and "TASTY". This recipe has 45mg of Vitamin C, and in “Covid-19”, our diet needs to be supplemented by eating Vitamin C, because Vitamin C boasts the “immunity system”.

Step 1: Recipe- Gather What Is Need to Make This Recipe

Here's what you need:

Russian Salad

- 520ml of water

- Half cup of macaroni

- Saucepan

- Strainer

- A bowl

- A knife

- Cutting board

- Half pomegranate ( 50grams)

- 8 grapes

-2 leaves of lettuce

- 8 slices of cucumber

- 1 apple

- Pinch of black pepper

- 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise

Peach Juice:

- A small peach

- A glass of cold water (140ml)

- ½ teaspoon salt

- ½ teaspoon sugar

Step 2: Making the "Russian" Salad- First Bowl Macaroni

Bowl half cup of macaroni in 520ml of water. Then check, if it's ready. When the macaroni starts to come to the boiling point, mix gradually. One's it's ready, stain, and put the macaroni in the bowl.

Step 3: Dice Up All the Fruits and Vegetables

Step 4: Cutting the Cucumber

First, cut the cucumber into 8 thin pieces, then slice them into tiny pieces.

Step 5: Cutting the Apple

Cut the 1 apple into small pieces

Step 6: Cut the 8 Grapes

Step 7: Chopping the Lettuce

Chop the 2 leaves of the lettuce

Step 8: Half Pomegranate

Cut the pomegranate in half, then take the seeds out of the half pomegranate

Step 9: Putting All the Fruits and Vegetables in the Bowl

1- First put the half pomegranate in the bowl

2- Then, pour the 8 cut grapes

3- After, pour 2 chopped leaves of lettuce into the bowl

4- Then, pour 8 dices of cucumber

5- Lastly, add in 1 cut apple

Step 10: Black Pepper

Add in a pinch of black pepper

Step 11: Mayonnaise

Add in 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise

Step 12: Mix Well- Russian Salad

Step 13: Making the "Peach" Juice- Cut the Peach

First cut the 1 peach and pour it into the jug

Step 14: Water

Add in a glass of cold water, which is 140ml.

Step 15: Salt

Put in ½ teaspoon of salt

Step 16: Sugar

Put in ½ teaspoon of sugar

Step 17: Shake Well

Step 18: Peach Juice in Glass

Put the Peach juice in the Glass

Step 19: Serve!!!