Introduction: Healthy Snack

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Step 1: I Will Show You...

How to make a Carrot Enchilada, I made up the idea myself.

Step 2: Yuck That's Gross...

You would think. But it is very healthy and also very tasty.

Step 3: Ingredients

You will need...
- A tortilla
-sour cream
-shredded cheese
- and carrots

Step 4: Start By...

Taking out a tortilla and put it on a plate.
Next spread on some sour cream

Step 5: After

Take your baby carrots and pick up one and crack it into two pieces.
Stick them on the sour cream.

Step 6: Then

Sprinkle the shredded cheese in between the carrots

Step 7: End

Roll up the carrot enchilada and take a bite.
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