Introduction: Healthy/Eco Friendly Latex Mattress Assembly.

If you are in the market for a new mattress. Check out the DIY latex setups. Companies like Sleep EZ and Flo Beds (among others) sell layered latex mattresses. You specify the firmness of the layers assemble the bed and can switch out layers if you need to alter the comfort.

In the end you get a hypoallergenic bed, that will not hold mites/bed bugs, and will LONG out live even the best innerspring mattress. Dunlop latex has been known to last 30years.

Mine came from Sleep EZ. I ordered the layers too firm at first, but settled on a Firm base, Medium middle (both Dunlop) and a Soft top (Talalay). At first we ordered the sides different, but in the end both my wife and I liked the same setup. I definitely recommend getting the layers split down the middle, even if you are keeping the sides the same, it makes maneuvering the latex MUCH easier!

Also check out the bed frame I made for this mattress: