Introduction: Hear the Radio on Your Computer

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I will tell you how to make a radio station on your desktop. You will need a internet connection the whole time. Windows Media Player or VLC player(any will do that has a stream capability) to stream it, a photo editing software(adobe, GIMP, Paint.NET etc.)(optional).I used Mozilla Firefox.I am not sure if this works on Chrome but if it does or doesn't please tell me.

Step 1: Find the Radio Stations Website. Is where you can find it and hopefully it has a website.

Step 2: Start Streaming

Now hopefully you can find a LISTEN LIVE button somewhere in the site. Now click it. You can stop here but hey too easy and you probably already knew that. But lets move on!

Step 3: Find the Streaming Website

The streaming has to has a separate site to stream and we'll find it. Right Click the window that pops up and 1.go to "View Page Info" 2. Media tab and save the EMBEDDED file.Now you can just save it but it has a internet icon right

Step 4: Changing the Icon Part 1

Now I used the icons below(BLACK ONE) but you can chose your own. I have the Black one below if you don't want any others.
If you need help changing the icon all you have to do is copy the image and use a photo software to save it as a ".ico" or icon

Step 5: Chaning the Icon Part 2

Now right click the icon on the desktop(if you saved it there) and go to properties and click the
WEB DOCUMENT tab and the change icon to wherever you save your .ico file to.

Step 6: Finished

If you want any other colors for the icon, a different icon, or any help e-mail me at

ENJOY(if it works)