Introduction: Heart

This is a 3D modeled heart that was made on a desktop computer. The app called Autodesk inventor Professional 2015.

Step 1: Drawing the Heart

The work plane doesn't really matter. I chose the XY plane. Then, select the line feature under sketch in the top left corner. Then draw two lines that share the same vertex. Then draw two arcs using the arc tool which is next to the circle tool which is next to the line tool.

Step 2: Dimension the Heart

Select the dimension tool. Then select one line to dimension it. Then click on the number and add replace the existing number with the desired number. To do an angle constraint, like at the bottom corner of the heart, select the dimension tool and click on the two lines that you wish to constrain.

Step 3: Extruding the Heart

Click on 3D model. Located in the top left corner. Then press extrude. The extrusion height doesn't matter as long as it looks aesthetically pleasing to you.

Step 4: Coloring the Heart

There are two ways to color it. They both start off the same way. Press on the little arrows that are to the right of the default coloring setting which is in the center at the top. This is where the two ways differ. Way one is pressing the color tool and selecting each face separately so that you could color each face separately. The other way is to highlight the whole thing and color it all at once. Just mess around with the color if you don't like red. The whole color wheel is available, so color how you want.

Step 5: Printing It

Turn the heart into an STL file. You do that by clicking on PRO in the top left corner of the screen. Then click on "Save As" and save it as an STL file. Then hook it up to 3D printer and print it. Or you could down load this file and print it.

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