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Introduction: Heart Dragon

This was created by me and my daughter (10yr old Maya) - it was a fun collaboration of ideas, and finally putting to use the polymer clay that was lying around. We don’t own any sculpting tools, so we used what was in the house. It can be made by kids alone, but just watch out for the knife and oven.

Step 1: Supplies

2 - 3 colors of polymer clay

(1 Color for the main body, 1 to mix for heart scales, a small amount of dark clay for eyes)

Sharp knife

Pencil (or rolling pin)

Toothpicks (or modeling needle)

Tin foil

* oven for baking *

Step 2: Make the Main Body Shapes

Shape the body + tail.

Make 1 back leg, 2 front legs and a heart shaped head.

Step 3: Put Together Body

Connect by pressing the pieces together.

Step 4: Shape and Attach Eyes

Shape 2 small balls for eyes.

Make dents in the head shape and press eyes into place.

Step 5: Cut Out Scales

Roll out clay for scales, and cut triangles. Make sure to make a variety of triangle sizes. Cut the tip of 2 corners off each triangle. Make a lot so you have extras for the head and ears..

Step 6: Shape Hearts

round the edges to make a petal shape. Using the sharp edge of the toothpick create a heart shape.

Step 7: Attach Scales

Attach the scales starting with the tail. We used a small heart on top of a larger heart pressed onto the tip of the tail. Then add the rest of the scales starting with the smallest closest to the tip of the tail. To attach press the base of the heart into the body.

Step 8: Shape and Attach Ears

Take 2 scales to form the ears. Fold the heart then press into the sides of the head. Add some extra scales if you want.

Step 9: Add Horns

Roll out the horn so it is thick in the center and tapers towards the edges. Fold it and attach to the head by pressing down and then pressing on the crease with a toothpick. Shape the tips into a heart.

Step 10: Bonus Step - Add an Egg

Crumple up some tin foil into an egg shape. Roll out some extra clay. Place a heart scale over the rolled out clay and roll it in. Cover the tin foil egg and roll it in your hand to smooth it out.
(my daughter insisted on making a miniature of the dragon to go with the egg...)

Step 11: Into the Oven

Burn in it the oven following the polymer clay manufacturer instructions.

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    Tip 2 years ago

    I like your woker

    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    2 years ago

    Really nice job on this dragon! I've just started trying to work with scuply and find it pretty difficult; I think it's really impressive you can make something like this with it :)