Introduction: Heart Hair Pattern

This is a difficult art especially when you do it yourself but with enough practice you can be perfect. Due to covid19 most of us are in lock down and all barber shops closed so I've decided to take the matters into my own hands literally.

Step 1: Drawing Stage

During this stage you need to be in a calm and relaxed place, drawing on yourself is more difficult than you think, please use a symmetrical shape / texture to make sure it is the easiest possible way. Draw small small hearts but not too small because it is very difficult to shave intricate designs with the common hair clippers. Draw it in bold and dont worry if you mess it up you can always go back and fix it.


In this stage you really need to think about what you have done in your life to get to this point. You have 2 fat hearts on the back of your head coloured in with sharpie. Jokes aside this is the most important phase the clipping phase. For this phase you need a steady hand and a mirror the clippers must be turned on before applying. Begin with cutting out a small marking in the thickest part of your shape, that will give you an idea to how to trim it. Do the thicker parts first and for the thinner parts tilt the clipper to a greater angle to create a thinner carving in your master piece.

Step 3: Perfection

Now its time for the precise movements this tome the angle is at a bare minimum this will allow you to create the curves and precise details needed for a master piece like this. Dont forget following the sharpie lines is important but not as important as looking good so If you mess up on one side mess it up on the other side as well.

Step 4: The FiNiSh

During this step you must use a deep cleaning shampoo/conditioner or really any hair product. In my years of doing this I have found out that anything containing tea tree oil will do the job well scrubb your hair with 25 ml of product per 21.4 grams of hair. Scrub for 100 seconds and wash out with Luke warm water that will clean out the sharpie lines and keep your hair looking as fresh as ever. Enjoy your fresh trim and surprise as much people as you can with this insane life changing talent.
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