Heart Keychain

Introduction: Heart Keychain

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Hearts are always cute in any project we use them.It is the month of making lots and lots of hearts themed projects. Valentine’s Day is a day for celebrating love. You can’t go wrong with the gift of a heart for Valentine’s Day. It works as a great gift and can also be used as decor for Valentine’s parties.What's better way to show someone you love them than to make them a handcrafted gift? My project idea for today is a cute Crochet Heart Key chain.

Recently I had shared the pattern for Stuffed Crochet Heart. Its from here I thought of making this Cute Heart themed key chain.

Materials Used:-(Get your materials online by clicking each of the list-- affiliate links)

Visit http://rajiscrafthobby.blogspot.in/2018/02/heart-keychain-crochet.html

Step 1:

Start by making the Stuffed Crochet Heart.

Here is the Pattern:-

Row 1 -- Start with a Magic Ring.
Row 2 -- 6 Single Crochet into the loop.Pull the yarn end and close the loop.Do not slip stitch , instead continue working in rounds.

Row 3 -- 2 Single Crochets in each stitch around.(12 stitches at end)

Row 4 --( 1Sc, 2Sc) all around.(18 Stitches at end). Slip stitch at end cut the yarn.Make Two of these. These would make the peaks of the heart. Do not cut the yarn of the 2nd peak. "

Row 5 --Single Crochet in the next 9 Stitches.Join both the peaks with a Single Crochet. Single Crochet in the next 18 stitches. Insert the hook back into the 1st peak and continue with 1 single crochet in the next 9 stitches.(36 Stitches at the end) Fold the peaks in half and with a yarn needle sew the gap to close . Leave a long tail once you are done. This tail will help in shaping the heart at the end.

Row 6 -- 1 Single Crochet all around(36 Stitches)

Row 7 -- (SC in 4 stitches,SC2Tog) all over.(30 stitches at the end)

Row 8 -- (3Sc,Sc2tog) all over.(24 stitches at the end)

Row 9 -- (2Sc,Sc2tog) all over.(18 stitches at the end)

Row 10 --(1Sc,Sc2tog) all over.(12 stitches at the end) Stuff the Heart Continue with (1Sc,Sc2tog) all around, untill you are see no gap at the end. Pull the long tail which we had left while sewing the gap and shape up the heart. Weave in the loose ends.

Check out the full step by step photo tutorial here http://rajiscrafthobby.blogspot.in/2018/01/stuffed-crochet-heart.html

Step 2:

Remember a to leave a long tail end to put in the beads.I have used pearl beads. You can use any beads of your choice.

Step 3:

To make the loop, make chain stitches and slip stitch to same stitch.

Step 4:

Once you finish making the loop, carefully attach the metal ring.

Step 5:

Weave in the loose ends if any.

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