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Hi everyone !

It is my first instructables project. I wanted to make heart figured lamp to light our desks. 3D printed parts are used in this project. I preferred transparent filament to reflect the light outwards and used red power led for lighting. It seems great gift for lovers :)


Materials :

CR2032 3 V Battery

Battery Holder for CR2032

1 W Red Power LED

Heat Sink for Power LED

IC-125B S Mini On-Off Switch

Connection Wires

Red Wax Paper

Aluminium Foil Tape

3D Printed Parts

Tools :

Hot Glue Gun

Soldering Iron

Soldering Wire

Wire Peeler or Cutter

3D Printer

Step 1: 3D Printing

3D printed parts needed are given below. There are three parts.

  • Heart Model
  • Cover for Heart
  • Holder

    I added stl files and you can download from given links below.

Note: IC-125B S Mini On-Off Switch is used in the project but if you want to use another switch , you have to open bigger hole on the heart model.

Step 2: Soldering and Wiring LED

Firstly, solder power LED into the heat sink. When soldering you have to be careful about positive and negative sides. It is signed on the LED legs.

Secondly, solder two wires to LED. We usually prefer red wire for positive and black for negative. However , the colours are not very important.

Step 3: Soldering Switch and Connecting to LED

Solder a wire to one leg of the switch. Then push it through the hole. After that, solder the anode (+) to unconnected leg of the switch. Put the LED in your heart model.

Step 4: Adding Battery to the System

Put the 3 V Battery in the holder. You can see the positive side of the battery because it is written on. After that, you have to solder the cathode (-) with the negative side of the battery. Then, connect positive side of the battery to unconnected wire of the switch.

Step 5: Glueing and Taping

We used hot glue gun for glueing components in the heart model. You can also use double sided tape for it. Cover the outside of heart model with aluminium foil tape. We choose this method because we wanted to hide other materials except light. After that, cut the red paper according to the size of the cover and stick it on the heart cover.

Step 6: Final

You see the final state of the heart desk lamp. You can make one for your own or give as a gift :)

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