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Feeling like giving something to your partner, but cannot think of anything that can express how you feel around him, her or they? Imagine giving something made with your own hands to your Significant Other (or Significant Others). How about doing some paper folding and giving them a representation of what you really have already given, your heart? Follow these simple steps and in no time you will have a nice treat for your SO.


  • A sheet of paper
  • A ruler (Optional)
  • A rigid card - like a credit card or driver's license (Optional)

Step 1: Understanding the Process

This tutorial is a simple paper folding tutorial. I'll try to show step-by-step how to perform all of it. Naturally, some steps will be more complicated than others, but for those, there will be more information on the photos, like which edge to fold or which edge to align with which other edge of the paper. Now grab your piece of paper and let's start!

Step 2: Preparing Your Material

The only thing that is really necessary is a piece of paper. The ruler will be helpful if you, like me, have a rectangular piece of paper (instead of a squared one). The rigid card will help you make sure the fold has really broken the paper's fiber, but you can use your fingernail to do it as well. The next step is just on how to make your rectangular paper sheet become squared.

Step 3: Making a Square Piece of Paper

If you, just like me, happen to have just an A4 sheet of paper (or a letter paper), this step will show you how to get the biggest square possible out of it.

  1. Having your paper on "Portrait Mode" (height bigger than width), take the upper-right paper tip and fold it making the whole upper edge align perfectly with the left edge, like the first picture
  2. Turn the paper and fold the bottom part exactly on the line made by the left edge that is now making a horizontal line on the paper as shown on the second picture (remember to really pass something rigid on the fold to make sure the paper fiber has broken)
  3. With the help of a ruler (or with your bare hands), cut the down part of the paper off as shown in the third picture.
  4. Now you should have a square piece of paper just like the last picture

Step 4: Making the Body of the Heart

  1. Fold the sheet in half, aligning the bottom edge with the upper edge.
  2. Getting both bottom tips of the paper, bring them together in the middle of the upper edge. You should have a triangle just like the third picture. Turn the triangle like the next picture
  3. That part is tricky, so watch out. Get the right tip of the triangle, and fold it making the lower edge pass exactly in the middle of the upper edge, but DO NOT FOLD THE BACK of the triangle. Let the back of the triangle just as is and you should have the paper fold like the one on the picture
  4. Do the same thing to the left tip and you should have a square like the one on the last picture

Step 5: Back of the Heart [PART I]

  1. Get the right upper flap and fold connecting the two upper edges of the flap. Do it to the left flap and you should have something like the third picture.
  2. Reopen the flaps and then fold them again, but this time DO NOT FOLD THE BOTTOM PART with the flaps. Instead, PULL THE BOTTOM PART UP and you should have something like the last picture

Step 6: Back of the Heart [PART II]

  1. Fold both upper tips in half, making them touch the center of the square and you should have something like the third picture
  2. The fourth picture indicates which part should be folded now (there is a comment on the photo). You get the center-right tip of the paper and make it touch the intersection of the two top layers of this part of the paper. Do it to the center-left one (like shown on picture five)
  3. Now get these flaps and put them under the next layer of paper. Pictures six and seven show it being done on the right flap then on the left flap

Step 7: Finishing Your Paper Heart

  1. Now you just have to make a small fold on the right and left tip of the paper, as shown in the first picture.
  2. Just make everything flat on the back of the heart and turn it

Congratulations! You should have a Paper Heart in front of you now! You can paint it or write some message in it before giving it to your special one!

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