Introduction: Heart Pins

This is a tutorial on how to reproduce the pins I make and give out.  For more information, see "The Heart Pin Project" on Facebook.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You will need the following items:

1) Paper heart (I found an image I liked online and printed it out)  I have included a picture of one I like, but you can find plenty of clip art if you want something different
2) Cardboard or other stiff material - you won't need much so try using a cereal box, tissue box, or the back of an old notebook.
3) Fabric - I like to use red fabric with interesting patterns, but use whatever you like
4) A pen
5) Hand (sewing) needles
6) Thread - I like to use red thread, on my red fabric, but you can also use a contrasting color
7) Stuffing - can be gotten online, at a fabric store, out of the inside of an old stuffed animal, or use scrap fabric, rice, whatever you want.
8) Pin backs or safety pins
9) Scissors
10) Beeswax - this is optional but can help keep the thread from getting tangled.  You can find it at sewing supply shops.

Step 2: Make Your Cardboard Heart

You will want all your fabric pieces to be identical.  The best way I know of to do this is to make a form out of cardboard that I can use over and over.

1) Print out a heart you like, or draw one, if you prefer.
2) Cut it out
3) Attach it to the cardboard - you can glue it on or stick a little tape on the back
4) Cut out the cardboard shape

Step 3: Trace Hearts Onto Your Fabric

1) Place the cardboard hart onto your fabric. 
2) Use a pen, or other marking tool to trace the shape of the heart onto the fabric.

Step 4: Cut Out the Hearts

You will need two fabric hearts for each pin.  I use plain red fleece for the back piece, but you can use whatever you like.

Step 5: Sew the Pin Back Onto the Fabric Heart

Of your two fabric hearts, pick one to be the "back."  Sew the pin onto the back piece.  I like to place the pin near the top, as shown in the picture.

Step 6: Sew the Two Hearts Together and Stuff the Heart

1) Put down the "back" heart, with the pin facing down
2) Put the "front" heart on top of the back heart
3) I like to start sewing from the pointy part of the heart, using a whip stitch, until I am about 3/4 of the way around
4) Put the stuffing into the pocket between the two hearts
5) Continue sewing until you have made it all the way around.

Step 7: Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve

Wear your heart, give it away, post pictures of it on "The Heart Pin Project."  Tell your heart story.  You are beautiful!

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