Introduction: Heartbeat Necklace for Your Valentine

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Hello all Lovers :),

This is the time of year when our heart starts to work overtime and as a side affect to that the brain runs faster.. LOL. But tell me , isn't it true? Finding a gift for that someone special, someone you love is not an easy task.

My experience tells me that hand-made valentine's day gifts are loved and adored ...well this is not a unique thing I said but my Idea was to emphasize on the fact that many of us wants to handmade things but only few can. Fortunately for those who want to make, Instructables is loaded with valentine's day gift ideas, and today I am going to add one more to it.

It is a simple yet awesome necklace for your valentine and take my words, anyone can make it. An elegance of minimalistic design. I have tried my best to make the instructions as simple as possible. I believe even if you try to make this as your first wired jewelry, you will be glad to see the outcome.

All you need to do is to make it with all the love you have and everything will be just as you want :).

Someone so beautifully said about Valentine's day :

"LOVE... spot it in the eyes of a child, in the smile of your sweetheart, in the cheering of your friends, in the blessings of your elders, love has as many forms and shapes as many as there are colors, love is in the air... feel it "

I wish you all a very happy Valentine's day in advance.

Lets begin.

Step 1: Tools Required

You need following tools:

  1. Some jewelry wire which is easy to bend and sturdy. I chose sterling silver wire, not sure about the guage size though, but I guess 18-20 should do well. You can even use copper wire of similar gauge.
  2. Flat nose pliers
  3. Round nose pliers
  4. Wire cutter
  5. Ring mandrel or cylindrical object like a pencil or pen.
  6. A jewelry chain. You can also use thread it you like it.
  7. OPTIONAL 3-5 glass seed beads.
  8. MANDATORY: Lots of love :)

NOTE: You would need around 8-9 inches of wire, but then again it depends on how wide you want the pendant to be. I recommend you cut the wire from its spindle only when you finish the final step, that ways you don't have to worry about wire length.

Step 2: Making the Loop

See images above and follow

  1. Grab wire and bead 3 glass beads (NOTE: It is optional and you can add more beads if you want. I will lock the beads in the wire where it follows a straight line).
  2. Make a simple loop using round nose plier, see instructions in the collage above. NOTE: You have to make an end loop like this in the final step

Step 3: Making the Heart

NOTE: If this is your first wire jewelry project, you may want to first try making this heart on a small piece of wire. Just a friendly opinion.

See images above and follow:

  1. (Slide a bead here it you want) About 1/2 cm (more if you wish to widen) away from the loop bend wire upwards using flat nose plier to make a right angle.

  2. Right where the wire bends, wrap the wire in the mandrel to form a circle.
  3. pull the wire downwards to squeeze the circle. The wire should look like left wall of the heart.
  4. Hold the wire in the middle of the circle using flat nose plier and pull the wire upwards using your hand, this will form the curve of heart.
  5. Keep holding the wire in the same position and pull the wire end downward in curve to complete the heart (see image and the arrow).
  6. Bend the wire using flat nose pliers to form a straight line and such that the heart shape rests on the straight wire.

Step 4: Making the Pulse

See images above and follow:

  1. Leave a little wire from heart (Slide a bead here it you want)and bent it to form a right angle.
  2. Hold the wire using flat nose flier such that it is slightly taller than the heart.
  3. While holding the wire bend it all the way down using your hand and pull to straighten it. This will form the first pulse.
  4. Now bend the wire below just like previous step and pull it upwards.
  5. Keep doing steps 2,3,4 to make 2-3 more pulses. How long & short pulses you want and how many you want, it is totally upto you. This is the place to widen your imagination :)
  6. Bend the final pulse to right angle to form a straigt line of wire.

NOTE: I make at least one pulse longer than rest of them. This will help prevent the pendant to flip when wearing it.

Step 5: Final Loop and Chain

See Images above and follow:

  1. Make a simple loop just like you did in step 2.
  2. Attach the chain to the pendant

Tada... your heartbeat necklace for the one you love is ready with it awesomeness.

Wasn't that simple :).

Step 6: Design Variations

I did some experiments with the original design. I used copper wire, then I made one where the heart was in the middle. I think they look cool.

Use your imagination and modify to make your own design.

Thank you so much for your time. Please do share your questions & feedback in the comments below. And now with the new "I made it" comment, please add your work , if you choose to make it (I will give you a 3-month pro membership code).

Please vote if you like.

You are awesome.

Stay tuned.

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