Introduction: Heat Alarm Based on Lm35z Tremperature Sensor and Arduino

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Heat Alarm based on lm35z tremperature sensor and Arduino

Step 1: Description

this a demonstration of a heat or fire alarm based on lm35z analog temperature sensor. An red LED and buzzer are tuning on when temperature attain 40°C.

Step 2: Parts List

  1. Arduino board
  2. Temperature sensor LM35z
  3. 4 digit 7 segment display
  4. (01) buzzer
  5. (01) Red LED
  6. (01) 360Ohm resistor
  7. wires

Step 3: Connections

  1. Connect the middle pin of the temperature sensor LM35z to an analog pin, A0 for instance, on Arduino board.
  2. Connect display pins to digtal pins from 2 to 13.
  3. Connect the buzzer to the analog pin A1.
  4. Connect the LED+resistor to the analog pin A2.

Step 4: Arduino Code