Heat Ray From Flat Glass Why the Mythbusters' Did Not Work

Introduction: Heat Ray From Flat Glass Why the Mythbusters' Did Not Work

About: You may recognize Dan and Denise Rojas from their appearances in various made for tv movies and national commercials. As the hosts of Green Power Science, they share Fresnel lens and alternative energy ideas, …

This explains how flat glass can be converted into a heat ray.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome experiment! I saw one segment of Mythbusters on alternative energy and they chose the most cantankerous, expensive and materials intensive project. When it failed, they declared the whole concept of alternative energy as unworkable.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Great demo!

    The following soapbox is meant as encouragement for your persistence.  The mythbusters are not infallible.  Someone needs to start mythbusterbusters.com. Some of their myths are no more than homework problems in an engineering class.  Some can be proved or disproved with a simple limit test.  Some can be solved mathematically with a calculator or spreadsheet and need only a well conceived demonstration for the show. Yet they seem to not even realize the solution is mathematical. I don't know how they are staffed behind the scenes, but they need someone with at least a masters degree and an understanding of differential equations. Grant is not that person.