Introduction: Heat Sensitive Silly Putty

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Im back with another instructable where i put Thermochromic pigment into something to make it heat sensitive.

This time its silly putty.

This is a really easy instructable where the hardest thing to do is actually find some non-heatsensitive, magnetic or glow in the dark silly putty.

Now heat sensitive silly putty is readability available to buy but generally it costs around £12 upwards and i have seen some priced at £29.99 (it is a 500g jar mind you)

but as you might know i have been dabbling with Thermochromic pigments over the last while so i had some to hand to make a cheaper alternative.

Just to be clear that by "cheaper" i mean that for 3 x 5g bags of different colours of Thermochromic pigment powder it cost me £17 but as i used about a level tea spoon of one bag for this instructable.

The silly putty cost me 0.75p

Step 1: Stuff You'll Need


Silly putty

Im using some bright pink stuff as i thought it would make a nice contrast to the purple it would turn when added with ...

Thermochromic pigment powder

I'm using blue here.


Something to mix it on, something that the powder/putty wont stick to like a paper plate or a bit of plastic

Step 2: Mix It In

Flatten out your putty.

Pour in some powder. as its a relatively small piece of putty i didn't need to use a lot to get a really striking purple.

Mix it in.

As you mix the putty/pigment together the heat from your hands will cause the mixture to change colour skewing the colour you think it is.

Step 3: Done

And thats it, you have now made your own heat sensitive colour change silly putty.

It still acts like normal silly putty in regards to it bounching, stretching and lifting newsprint off of paper but it also changes colour when exposed to heat. In this case from purple at room temp to pink when heated (31c)

I hope you enjoyed this instructable and please feel free to leave any comments, questions or pictures of your own silly putty creations below.

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