Introduction: Heat Shrink Tube Replace Sunglasses Temple Tips

About: Check this out guys~!! =)

Hi all, this is my first instructable project ever share in here.

This project is as simple as you can most probably understand from the picture without reading my notes. (Guess people are skipping my notes already, so... bla bla bla~~ guess nobody will notice it. haha)

This instructable is about to show how to replace the old sunglasses temple tips, which is melting and broken apart in my case.

Tools needed in this project:

  1. Scissor (Use to cut the heat shrink tubes)
  2. Lighter (Use to heat up the tube)


  1. Heat shrink tube (Ø2.5mm, Ø3mm, Ø4mm with several cm length in this case)
  2. A temple tips-broken-and-need-to-repair sunglasses (Or normal specs)

Step 1: Select the Suitable Diameter Heat Shrink Tube

I tried out few times to find out the diameter that I need for my glasses which is 2.5mm, 3mm, and 4mm

Different glasses will have different temple tips size, so you have to find out by your own.

Step 2: Slide the Tube to the Glasses

Start from the smallest diameter first, of cause.

Slide the 2.5mm (The smallest for my case) tube in to my sunglasses

Step 3: Heat Up and Shrink the Tube!

When the tube is fit into desired position, it is time to heat up with a lighter!

Step 4: Insert 2nd and 3rd Layer of the Tube

Insert 2nd and 3rd layer of the shrinking tube

2nd layer is Ø3mm

3rd layer is Ø4mm

Make sure it is in correct position, then you may light it up again like previous step.

So you can have thicker, rounder and softer of newIn temple tips

Step 5: Ta Daa~~ You're Done!

Heat up the last layer of the shrinking tube, and then cut off the extra tube

Then it is fully completed and ready to use for maybe next 5 more years? Haha I don't know too.

Thanks for reading my first instructable!