Introduction: Heatsink for L293D or Similar Integrated Circuits

While doing a project with 2 stepper motors I ran into a problem: the temperature of the L293D’s IC’s on my motor driver shield was too high.  The fix: I’ve added a heatsink to each IC.

- Aluminum heatsink (got mine from an broken computer power supply)
- Thermal conductive glue
- L293D chip

- Vice and Saw (had to cut the heatsink from the PSU to fit)
- File
- Marker

Step 1:

Fix the heatsink in the vice and cut it to the needed dimension.

Step 2:

Use a file to polish the margins of the heatsink.

Step 3:

Remember where pin 1 of the IC is placed.
Put some thermal glue on the IC, place the heatsink and wait the recommended time for it to dry (5-8 minutes in my case).

Step 4:

Use the marker to make a sign on the heatsink of the IC’s pin 1.
Enjoy the improved IC !

Feel free to contact me with any questions/advice.