Introduction: Heavy Duty Mobius Strips (with Lesson!)

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Just what is a Mobius strip? Show your students how to make one and explore!

Step 1: What You'll Need

Each of the students (and you) will need:
A pair of scissors
Duct tape
A sharpie

Step 2: Cut Out Strips

Cut out two strips. Make one strip slightly smaller than the other.

Step 3: Stick

Stick together the strips, leaving some sticky part on the left and right sides. Tell the students if they have any sticky areas on the other sides, just trim it off.

Step 4: Twist

Tell the students there is a "twist". (Bad joke on my part.) Tell them to twist the tape once.

Step 5: Stick Again

Stick the strip to itself on the sticky parts. There you have yourself a Mobius strip!

Step 6: Sharpie

Talk to the students about how many sides the Mobius strip has. Tell them to take a guess. Then, tell them draw a line with the sharpie on the face of the Mobius strip. This will stun them

Step 7: Cut

Tell the students to cut across the line. What do they get?

Step 8: ???

Wow, it's a loop with a twist in it!!
Thanks for reading this Instructable. It's a great Mini-lesson for the kids AND teaches them math! Awesome! For more awesome projects, check out the tape contest. It has tons of amazing ideas! Have a great day!
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