Introduction: Heavy Duty Replacement Man's Wedding Ring

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I work with my hands and as a result my wedding ring was getting bent out of shape regularly until it finally broke.  I was left needing a replacement that could take a beating.  I like to re-use things and chose to make my replacement wedding ring out of an old truck balljoint nut.
Making the nut into a ring is a process of stock removal until the desired shape and fit is acheived.
The inside bore of the nut was not large enough to fit my finger, so I used a die grinder to enlarge the bore and smooth down the threads.   
Grind off three of the six points of the nut, continue removing stock to create a rounded bottom for the ring.  I used 3M abrasive discs on the die grinder. 
Remove more metal from the nut to make it thin enough to fit comfortably.
Hand sand with progressively finer grit sandpaper to smooth and rough polish the ring.
There are several options available to prevent rust, I oil and wipe down my ring on a regular basis. 

Step 1: What You Will Need.

A large nut
Grinding tool; die grinder or a dremel tool
Grinding stones or carbide grinding bits
Abrasive discs or a sander
Sand Paper; medium to extra fine grit

Step 2: Inner Bore

Use the carbide or stone grinding bits to smooth out the threads and enlarge the bore of the nut enough to fit your finger.

Step 3: Stock Removal and Shaping

Using a course abrasive disc grind of three of the nuts points and round the bottom of the nut.  Remove stock until the fit is comfortable and the shape is what you want. I thinned down the sides and the face a good amount. Switch to a finer abrasive disc to smooth the surface of the metal.

Step 4: Sanding and Finishing

Hand sand to smooth and rough polish the ring.  I started with 150 grit and worked my way to 500 grit.
To prevent rust I oil and wipe down the ring.

You could give the ring a shinier polish but I chose not to because I beat the crap out of it.  Electroplating is an option I may explore down the road. 
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