Heavy Duty Slingshot




Introduction: Heavy Duty Slingshot

I wanted to create slingshot. I have problem because I could not find a suitable wood for slingshot. So, I decided to make it from other material...

Step 1: What Do We Need?

  1. Main frame - I found old bicycle from my childhood and I used front bicycle fork as main frame. That bicycle is small. Main frame is only 35 centimetres height. Ordinary slingshot should by smaller than i made but smaller bicycle frame does not exist. This size is not very practical but I can guarantee you the high resistance of this slingshot.
  2. Elastic band - I bought 6x6 millimetres thick and 1 metre long band but I recommend you rather use smaller thickness (4x4 millimetres is good). In europe it cost about 1,3 euros (1,8 dollars) per meter. You can find this item in some Hobby & Model shop.
  3. Grip - You can use tennis grip but i have chosen "bio" grip made from twine.
  4. Cable ties - We use them for fixing bands to the main frame.
  5. A little piece of strong cloth - is used as place for fired things (usually pebbles). I used strong natural cotton cloth but it should be rather used leather.

Step 2: Preparing Main Frame

  • I wanted to make my slingshot good looking. This sub-step is optional. I sprayed it using car metallic paint. (first picture)
  • Then i made my "bio" grip. I cover a whole handle with twine. It's very simple and it looks good. (second picture)
  • I sealed up all holes on my main frame with cork. (third picture)

Step 3: Adding Band

Now you can easily mount band from each side using cable ties (first picture) and in the middle they must be connected by a piece of cloth (second picture).

Step 4: And That's It...

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Never would have thought to make a slingshot from a bike fork - clever!