Introduction: Heavy Metal Laptop Case

An experiment in creating a textured laptop case. I was going for something that looked like it has been to hell and back... Basically something parents would not approve of.

Considering this was my first attempt, I am pretty happy with the results, although I learned, copper or brass would probably be a better material to work with, all I had was copper colored aluminum, and I didn't have time to get anything else. The corners need some work, that could probably be corrected with solder and some sanding if it was a better materiel.

Step 1: Creating a Form

I used some scrap wood laying around the shop to cut out a piece that fit my laptop size. I then used the belt sander to smooth out the corners.

Step 2: Cutting the Material

I cut my material about 3/8 larger on all sides than I needed, so that there was enough to wrap around my form.I used the metal shear at the shop to cut the material, but you could use a trimmer, or just hand shears.

Step 3: The Hammering... So Much Hammering...

  1. Hit the material with a hammer
  2. Repeat Step #1

Step 4: That's a Wrap!

I clamped it down so it wouldn't move around, then hammered the edge over to fit my form.I had to use hand shears to cut the corners so they didn't form pleats.

Step 5: If It Fits, Its Ships!

Using a variety of techniques (i.e. more hammering) I got the final shape I wanted, and used the grinder to remove material in key places.
I used a Dremel sanding bit to remove the burs and sharp edges with moderate success. If things go bad, I can always use my laptop as a weapon now!

Step 6: Make It Evil!

Used flat black pain/primer for metal.