Height Adjustable Ceiling Clothes Line



Introduction: Height Adjustable Ceiling Clothes Line

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My wife had a new problem for me. In the basement we have our washing machine but we didn't had enough space to dry our clothes. My solution simply put the clothes on the ceiling...

This way we can use the entire room. To put on the clothes you can simply lower the line.

Step 1: The Winch

The lever mechanism is based on a winch. The only thing I've added is a mounting plate. Later I've also removed the hock.

Step 2: The Ceiling Rail

The ceiling rail is a simple pipe with a idler pulley. The pulley is mounted in a way, that the steal wire of the winch is located in the middle of the pipe.

The pipe acts as a guiding for the clothes line.

Step 3: The Adapter Plate

The adapter plate will connect the steel wire with the clothes line. Therefore I've simply welded some nuts on a steel plate. Through the nuts I've added a threaded rod.

Step 4: Assembly of All Components

For the assembly of all components I've used dowels. Also I've added a ring to another idler pulley, due to a angularly offset of the system.

Step 5: Assembly of the Adapter Plate

The assembly of the adapter plate is done with rivets. Therefore I had to drill holes in the rotary clothes line.

Step 6: Safety Bar

Due to an accident with the rotary clothes line I had added a safety bar. This way, the clothes line can't fold over the wrong way.

Step 7: ​Overview and Video

It some kind of work. A photo with clothes on will be added some time.

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