Introduction: Heineken Big Mug

Hello, this my first instructable... I will show you how to make a big mug with a heineken bottle (650ml), and copper wire.


Heineken bottle (650 ml or similar)
Glass cutter
Thick copper wire (about 1 meter...)
Sand paper (nº 360 or other that can be used in glass)
Gloves! (safety!!)
Knife (to remove the plastic cap of your copper wire)

Step 1 - Cutting the bottle.

Put on your gloves

Place your glass cutter in a plane sufarce (fig. 3), and rolls the bottle against the blade (fig. 4).
Now put the bottle in the fire, rolling. 30 sec. aprox. (fig.5)
Immediately, pass the bottle in cold water (from the sink is ok..), you will listen the crack of the glass.(fig.6)
Take your glass cutter, and beat carefully.
You will got something like this (fig.7)

Step 2 -  Sanding

Be carefull and start sanding the sharp corners, check with your finger if it is rounded enough. (fig 8)

Step 3- Bending the copper wire

I took some measures (approx.)

Perimeter= 20cm  (use the formula 2pi.r if you want... diammeter= 6,5cm)

Distance between the handle and the bottle (the twisted part) = 2,5cm

Handle= use your hand to take this... mine was 9cm

I used a copper wire with 115 cm... and the excess was approximately 25cm

Remove all the plastic, and try to make a straight wire (fig. 9)

Find the center of the wire and bend it CAREFULLY around the bottle (fig. 10)

Use your pliers, or your hands, to twist the wire and make it tight (fig. 11)

Make the handle the way you like... My handle is ugly =( but was the better i could haha (fig. 12)

Now the most difficult part... You twist the wire and dont destroy your handle... (fig. 13)

After this bend the wire  around the bottle, and bend the end of the wire around the twisted part (fig 14), making it tigh.(fig 15)

Just cut the ends and make some adjustments  =) (fig. 16)

 IMPORTANT: fill it with water, and check the handle, if it is loose, press the wire a little near to the bottle and the twisted part