Introduction: Heineken Crate Flat Pack

Hello everybody,

For my course Industrial product Design, I had to make a flat packed beer crate.

I had done that at the IDC building at HOWEST in Kortrijk.

In this Instructable I' m going to show you how to make this.

I'll hope you enjoy and see you next time.


Cyriel van der Meer

Step 1: Your Equipment

You can make the beer crate in different ways.

One way is cut everything out with a Lazercutter.

The second way and my way is that everything is cut out with a knife.

I will show you the second way:

So what do you need?

- a knife

- a pencil

- ruler

- calliper

- small flat screwdriver

- tape

- sheet of cardboard 80 x 60 x 3 (solid)

- Two six-packs of beer

Step 2: Drawing With Dimensions

In the next pictures, you see the dimension of the unfolding beer crate:

You see also two pictures with the sketch on the cardboard.

see the pictures for more details

Step 3: Making It

When you are finished with previous step, use the cutter knife to cut al the area's that we don't need.

Then Use the screwdriver to halve the thickness of the sheet in the fold areas.

Measure with your calliper the depth of your fold areas.

Fold the peaces 90 degrees so you get a box.

Attach the box via the slots and keys.

Place logos of your favorite beer on the box.

But the beer bottles in it.

And so you have a beer crate in flat pack.

See the pictures for more details.