Introduction: Heineken2D2

Passing through the street, I saw this "tin" and I had the idea of creating something. I thought I had the most original idea in the universe. However, a simple search on the internet made me realize that was not the case. Anyway I decided to create my robot in a different way. Hope you enjoy.

Step 1: Materials

- 32 sheets of A4 (minimum)

- Instructions and parts to assemble the R2D2

- A cardboard box average

- A "KEG" Heineken (5 liters) Empty

- Glue, scissors, hot glue, etc. ...

Note: The original link where I downloaded is not working anymore but thought others:

Step 2: Printing Plans

The original file has three sheets of pieces and 1 instruction assemblies. As I only used the two "legs" and "feet", did not need to print parts of the body.

Although it is written in Japanese, is easy to set up following the diagram.

I used a feature of my printer to print a poster. I printed on a 4 x 4 (which has 16 sheets per page). In this way, we have to glue the sheets together to form one. See the comparison in the photo.

Note: When pasting, a failure occurred but had no problem because the piece that came out misaligned would not be used.

Step 3: Pasting Parts

The pieces were individually cut and pasted on a cardboard (to give strength). However, in this way, the flaps which facilitate bonding were removed.

Step 4: Cutting and Mounting Parts

The parts were cut out and glued with hot glue.

Note: The folds in the cardboard were made giving a cut to the back of the cardboard.

After assembling the pieces and put them together, I found that they were huge. Thus, removed parts 17 and 18. Without these parts, the arms (or legs) were more proportionate to body size.


Step 5: Final Result

After parts assembled, just glue them in a "little tin".

Now comes the best part. You can implement the way you want your "Heineken2D2"

He can turn:

- A new bag for your school supplies

- A "safe place" for your coins

- A lamp

- A pencil holder

- A room decor 

- A mobile robot (just put electronic circuits and wheels)

- A toy

In the end, your imagination is the limit.

Hope you enjoy;

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