Introduction: Helbing- Glove Puppets

This instructable will teach how to make a puppet out of a glove.

Inspired by NeilCicierega's "Button" off youtube
(If you don't no who that is look him up)

P.S. his puppet is better

Step 1: The Materials

What you will need to make a puppet
                      -Picture (of hands,feet, and head)
                      -A sheet of thin card board (I used the piece off the back of a construction paper pad)
                      -Glue (Elmers stick glue)
                      -Hot Glue gun and glue sticks
                      -scissors or exato-knife
                      -Black Glove

Step 2: Glue It

Materials needed 
               -stick glue

Spread the glue on the back of picture.Take the cardboard and put it on  freshly glued peice of paper making sure that there are no bubbles or things of that sort.

if you want to glue only the parts of picture you need

Step 3: Cut It Out

           -Scissors or exacto-knife
           -Glued sheet o' stuff

Cut out the hands, feet, and head being caeful not to cut peices you don't want cut

P.S. at the end of this process you will have alot of scraps you can go ahead and throw those away

Step 4: HOT GLUE + Construction

HOT glue guns are very HOT if you burn yourself it's not my fault cause I told you so

          -Hot glue gun and glue sticks
          -cut pieces
          -stick glue (optional)

Take the pieces and arange them like this on the glove
             -feet = thumb and pinkey
             -hands =index and ring fingers
             -head = middle finger

take the hot glue and place a small bead on a finger (of the glove) of your choosing (your gonna do this for all the fingers I'm just giving you some freedom) and place the coresponding pieces on it and apply pressure making sure your on the finger tip

Tip: put the glue stick in the finger your gluing and glue where it's flat on top

Step 5: Done

You made it. Now take it and your newly discovered knowledge into the world and make new and better ones or just keep the original and never make another one again.