Introduction: Hello Kitty Child's Costume

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My daughter wanted to be Hello Kitty this year for Halloween.

I looked online to see what was available for Hello Kitty costumes and was shocked to see the costs of seemingly simple Hello Kitty costumes to be up to $30 (brand new).

As she is still young, I knew she would not be opposed to me putting together her costume, although I confess am not an avid sewer and did not want to sew together a one piece dress or spend too much time on the costume itself, as I knew she would wear it once and then we would pass it along to one of her cousins.

My solution - crochet a Hello Kitty cap and piece together an outfit with clothes she already had.

The pieces of clothing and accessories I used to put together her outfit included:
  • crocheted Hello Kitty hat - more info on that below
  • pink clip bow
  • black long sleeved shirt
  • pair of dollar store white gloves
  • black tutu
  • white tights (actually, ours are "sparkling white with little specks of glitter")
  • a pair of black Mary Jane-type shoes

We had everything except the pink bow.
I also had to modify the dollar store gloves, by removing the original bow that was on them.

The crocheted Hello Kitty hat used the following materials:
  • 4-ply worsted weight yarn in white and hot pink
  • size H crochet hook (I am a loose-stitch crocheter, so check your gauge)
  • small pieces of black and yellow felt OR small amount of black and yellow yarn (crochet per the pattern)
  • Lion Brand bonbons yarn or embroidery thread in black and yellow (for felt eyes and nose)
  • pins, scissors and a yarn needle
I got online and found a free pattern for a crocheted Hello Kitty hat. 
The one I used is here: Crochet Hello Kitty Hat by Amy Lehman.
I want to give a shout out to CreativeToto, who also designed a Hello Kitty Hat using a chunky yarn and that pattern is here on Instructables.
I found another beautiful hat that also has a free pattern here: Hello Kitty Hat Pattern by Elizabeth Trantham.  This design has different ears, that I think resemble the actual Hello Kitty more than my completed project.

As an avid crocheter, it took me about a two hours (over the course of a few days) to crochet the hat, the ears and the edging. 

It took me about another hour to cut the yarn and place the braids onto the hat, but I was taking pictures throughout the process.
For each side, I measured twelve (12) strands of 27-inch long yarn pieces, as I wanted the braids to hang about 12-inches long.
After folding the strands in half, I used my crochet hook to pull up a loop through the bottom middle of the ear flap and slipped the loose ends through the loop to tighten around the bottom of the ear flap.
I separated the yarn into three (3) eight (8) strand chunks, so that I could braid the yarn to within about two-inches (2") of the end of the yarn.
After knotting the bottom of the braid (not shown in the photos), I trimmed the edges to be even with each other.

I purchased the pink bow with a clip at the flea market for $1.00 and chose to use that over crocheting the bow for a "more purchased" look.

Finally, it took me about an hour to cut the felt ovals, two black for eyes and one yellow for the nose, and blanket stitch them onto the hat using my bonbons yarn.  As you may be able to tell from the photos, I started out with large ovals, made by tracing coins, and ended up trimming them all down to a smaller size, as Hello Kitty herself has small eyes and a small nose.

I attached by hand sewing little strips of felt for the whiskers, and "Voila!", the hat was complete in about four (4) hours.

My daughter has already worn her hat several times, which brings me joy in completing it for her.  Because we owned all of the clothing, accessories and I used yarn that I already had in my craft stash, the total cost to me was $1 for the pink bow.
That's what I call a Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to you and yours!  Thanks for looking!
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