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Introduction: Hello Kitty Mini Album

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Hi, just wanted to share an idea I had about making my own double-sided 12x12 inch scrap-booking paper using wallpaper. In this case, I used a roll of Hello Kitty wallpaper I found on sale at a local thrift store. Then, I made a 6x6 inch mini-album out of the 12 inch square. It was dead easy and took about 45 minutes.

To create the paper and make the album you will need:

  • A roll of Hello Kitty wallpaper
  • A roll of double-sided sticky carpet tape
  • Metal ruler and scalpel or some scissors
  • A cutting mat
  • Some ribbon & embellishments of your choice

Step 1: Cut Your Paper From the Roll

Take your roll of Hello Kitty wallpaper and open it out. Place a 12x12 inch sheet of scrap-booking paper on it and use as a template to mark out a section measuring 12 x 24 inches. It needs to be double the size of the template in length so you can fold it over to create a double sided paper.

Step 2: Apply Strips of Double-sided Carpet Tape & Fold Paper Over

Once you have cut out your paper to measure exactly 12x24 inches, fold it in half and use a bone folder to make a sharp crease. Then apply three strips of double-sided carpet tape to the back of one of the 12x12 inch sections and remove the backing paper from the tape one piece at a time starting with the strip next to the fold. Very carefully fold the top section over and smooth down. Then remove the backing tape from the middle strip and smooth the paper down again and finally, do the same with the last piece of sticky tape. And there you have your double-sided 12x12 inch Hello Kitty paper.

Step 3: Fold Into Four and Cut One Section Away

Fold your paper into four equal sections and use a bone folder to press down and make sharp creases. Then cut one of the sections out. The section next to the cut away part will fold upwards so make sure you cut an extra sliver off the edge so it will fold up easily.

Step 4: Fold and Embellish

Finally, fold your mini album up and embellish as you wish. I have used a strip of Hello Kitty wallpaper to wrap around the middle of the album and to hold the tie ribbons in place. I simply glued these on with 'Stick It' tape on a roller. You can stick pictures and/or messages in the album using glue dots or photo corners. The album will also stand up on it's own to display the pictures inside.

Thank you for reading this and please feel free to visit my blog at


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