Introduction: HelloFresh Insulated Tote Bag

Materials and Tools Needed

1)Tote bag

2)Plastic bag


4)Insulation material from HelloFresh

5)Needle and thread

6)Four safety pins

7)Reflective insulation lining from HelloFresh


Tote Bags are a sustainable way to reduce plastic waste when you are shopping but, wouldn't it be great if it would keep your grocery items cold? If you use HelloFresh, a meal kit delivery service, then you have all the materials you need to upgrade your tote bag. By using the insulation from your HelloFresh kit and a plastic bag, you will be reducing waste from two waste streams! This Bag will take about 45 minutes to make.

Step 1:

First, you need to add the insulation to the tote bag. Place your tote bag on top of the reflective insulation and mark both sides of the tote bag. After that, remove the tote bag from the reflective insulation. Take your scissors and cut the marks all the way to the end of the reflective material.

Step 2:

Once the edges of the reflective material have been removed. Place the piece that you just cut into the tote bag. If the reflective material does not fit then, cut half an inch off from the sides. Keep doing this until you have the desired size. If the reflective material is too long on the top, use the same method from step one and mark where you should cut. Once the reflective insulation fits perfectly into the tote bag, remove it from the tote, and get your needle and thread. You will be hand stitching the reflective Insulation at least ⅛ away from the edge of the material. Do this to both sides. Leave the top of the reflective Insulation open.

Step 3:

Place the reflective insulation into your tote bag. Now, take the padded insulation from your Hello Fresh box and place it on the bottom of the reflective insulation and around the sides.

Step 4:

Take your plastic bag and cut it to fit into the bag. Once the bag has been fit to size, place it inside the tote, take the edges of the plastic bag, and tuck it behind the reflective insulation. This will act as a waterproof lining. Once the lining is in place, take out your needle and thread again and whip stitch the edge of the bag. Make sure you are getting the insulation in your stitch (this will secure everything).

Step 5:

Take one of the sides from the reflective insulation that you did not use and flatten it out. Now size it to fit the top of your tote bag. Leaving the reflective side out, take four safety pins and pin it on the top of the tote (this will act as a lid to keep your items chilled).