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Introduction: Helm Chain Maille Earrings Tutorial

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Now I'm still a novice when it comes to chain maille and finally I found time to learn a basic chain maille pattern - Helm Chain Maille and decided to make some earrings.

5mm jump rings
3mm jump rings
10/0 seed beads
ear wires
head pins
round bead

Step 1:

Link 2 x 5mm using a 3mm jump rings.

Step 2:

Open another 3mm and attach it onto the 2 x 5mm then lay the 5mm one on each side. Repeat this step until you have 5 x 5mm jump rings linked.

Step 3:

Open up a 4 x 5mm and slide in 2 x 10/0 seed beads on each jump ring.

Step 4:

Place a beaded jump ring on top of the 3mm with the beads one on each side.

Open a 5mm and trap the beaded jump ring by attaching the 5mm onto the 3mm and over the beaded jump ring.

As you close the jump ring lay it on your right.

Step 5:

Place another beaded jump ring over the next 3mm on your left and open a 5mm. Similar to what you did on previous step, trap the beaded jump ring by attaching the open 5mm into the 3mm shown in arrows and over the beaded jump rings. Make sure the beads are placed one on each side as you trap them. Repeat this step until you have placed and trapped 4 beaded jump rings.

Step 6:

At this stage you will notice you have not totally trapped the last beaded jump rings at both ends.

Open a 5mm and attach it onto the last 3mm shown in arrow, trapping the last beaded jump ring then attach a 3mm to secure.

Step 7:

Using your head pin, make a wrapped loop with your round bead. You can follow this simple video tutorial how to make a wrapped looped.

Then attach it onto the last jump ring.

To finally trap the beaded jump ring on the other end, attach a 3mm together with your ear wire.

Step 8:

Repeat all the steps to create a pair and you're done!

I was so inspired and having fun with the basic Helm Chain Maille so I created the Flower Helm Chain Maille Earrings

Follow me on my blog for the free steps to learn how to turn your basic Helm Chain Maille to a flower helm

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    oh i soooooo want to start making chain maille for myself... what basic sizes of rings and types of metal do you recommend? do you have any cheap suppliers?