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Introduction: Helmet Stereo Headphones

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I like to listen to music but when riding my bike its not possible because of the helmet. So I decided to integrate my headphones into the helmet.

To start off with you will need,

1. A Helmet
2. A stereo Headphones probably the ones used with computers. (Mono will also do...but who uses mono these days)
3. Some double sided tape
4.A soldering iron
5. Screw drivers if required.

So lets see the next step.

First we need to rip off the speakers from the headphones. We don't need the skeleton. Use the soldering iron to De-solder the wires from speaker.  Once done...solder the wires back to the speakers.

Use the double sided tape to stick the back of the headphone into the helmet.

Hide all the wires under the cushion provided in the helmet.

Pull the wire for Audio input neatly so that it doesn't look like a mess.

My headphones had the option of mic. In this version I won't be working on the mic, but my next version will have the mic incorporated, so that we can use this rig to make/receive calls.

In some countries its not legal to listen music while driving, so please adhere to the local laws.

Happy riding :)

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    6 years ago

    I use the type that goes behind and round the ear just pull straps apart to allow your head to get in. ACDC rules at high speed :)