Helmet Wall Hanger, for FREE

Introduction: Helmet Wall Hanger, for FREE

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Let me first say sorry for the poor photos. Ever since I upgraded my poor old phone to android 4.4.2 my camera has been horrible. This instructable will show you how to make a helmet (or hat) wall display. I made a quick samurai armor for Halloween and after it has been taking up space in my workshop. Instead of trashing it I figured it would be neat to hang on the wall beside a couple of my swords. After brainstorming between naps, lunch, kids homework, my homework and more naps I decided to use basic items, and free to get this done.

Step 1: Get Your Stuff.

The materials here are found in most homes, so it shouldn't cost you anything....and that price suits me fine.

-metal coat hanger
-needle nose pliers or something to cut and bend the hangers with
-box cutter, razor blade or hobby knife
-foam (I used green floral foam, but any type will do)

in addition you will also need something to hang it on the wall, I used a wood screw, but you could also use a nail. you may also need a drywall anchor depending on the weight of your helmet.

Step 2: Cut and Bend, Good Times

If you want to waste half a hour untwisting the top of the hanger, then by all means go ahead. Me on the other hand have more naps to get to so I just cut the top off.
After this proceed to straighten the hanger out. Now you can take the helmet you are wanting to display and measure the distance from inside top to the back, bottom edge. This is where you will bend the hanger back up.

Step 3: Almost Done

Next you can take the end that will be mounted on the wall and bend a circle into it. This is your mounting point for your screw or nail. At this point I found the amount of hanger stuck out too far so I cut about 3 inches off and redid the loop. This allows the mounting to remain behind the helmet.
Take the other end (the one in the helmet) and make a 90degree bend. Take your foam and cut a small piece out and place it on this end. This protects your helmet and keeps it in place. Alternately you can bend a large circle creating more area, but I found it unnecessary for my usage.

Step 4: Hang, Enjoy, Nap

Now you can mount the small loop directly to the wall and place your helmet on it. Mine is hung high enough in the shop that at ground level you can't see the hanger behind it (when I took the picture I was standing in my swivel chair which has caster wheels, remember safety first). I plan on hanging the armor below it in a similar fashion. I will also be doing one for my sons room for his football helmet. When I do his I will be painting it as well as using the big loop method to help with the weight. The one thing I like about it is that you can bend the hanger to give you the best view. Oh yeah, it was free too.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Nice and easy! I've got a few items I could hang up using this exact method. Thanks for sharing this idea!