Introduction: Help You Sleep Eye Mask!

2 day process for making a tie-dye eye mask!


- A light colored tea towel

- Elastic

- needle & thread

- Shredded foam (stuffing works too)

- Pins

- Rubber bands

- Tie-dye

- Plastic gloves

- Sealable plastic bag

- Big trash bag

- Large flat surface with good lighting

- Many pieces of news paper

- Sink & running water

Step 1: Set Up Your Work Space

Find a flat large area with good lighting.

Step 2: Fold Your Fabric

You can fold it with any tie-dye technique. I used the technique called a Fan Fold.

Step 3: Soak Your Fabric

Soak your fabric in warm water until completely wet. Then make sure that you ring it out so that it is damp not soaking wet.

Step 4: Get Ready to Dye

Make sure that you are wearing your plastic gloves. You also should be wearing dark clothing or something you don't mind getting a little bit of dye on because there is always a risk of dye getting splattered on to you. Keep in mind that it could stain your skin for a few days which is why I recommend gloves.

Step 5: Dye Time!

You can dye your fabric with what ever you think will look good. Remember that red+blue=purple, yellow+blue=green, yellow+red= orange, but if you do a mix of all of them, it will turn out brown ish.

Step 6: Leave'n It

Put your dyed project into your sealable plastic bag and let it sit for 4-8 hours. The longer it sits, the stronger the colors will get.

Step 7: Rinse It Out

After leaving your dyed project in the bag for 4-8 hours, you take it out, and start rinsing water through it in the sink. Cut your rubber bands off being careful to not cut your fabric. Rinse until the water coming through your fabric is clear.

Step 8: Leave'n It

Let it dry over night.

Step 9: Pin Your Shape.

Fold your fabric in half and pin the shape you will want. Then, cut off the excess fabric.

Step 10: Sew It Up!

Make sure to only sew 2 sides of it leaving one open (the 3rd id the part were you folded it).

Step 11: Stuff It

Don't add to much stuffing, but make it the thickness that you like.

Step 12: Sew Up the Last End

Almost done!

Step 13: Sew on Your Elastic

Make sure that it at the size and tightness that you want.

Step 14: Sleep Better!

You now can sleep better with your new eye mask. The Help you sleep eye mask is also a great gift to a family member or friend who doesn't sleep well.