Introduction: HelpBox

This project has the goal to help people with disability, handling domotics devices all in one place, like a smartphone would do.

It's divided in three macro functions:

  1. Door: the user can see who is outside the door in a LCD hdmi screen integrated in the surface of the box. He can also open or close the door by pressing a button
  2. Light: the user can turn On or Off a device connected to a sonoff, a device that let you manage power with wireless command.
  3. Email: the user can send an email of help to his contacts.

Step 1: Hardware

Here's the list of what you need:

  • 2 Raspberry PI with wireless board integrated
  • Makey Makey Board connected to three button of conductive material (in our case we use tinfoil)
  • Picamera Module
  • Sonoff
  • LCD hdmi screen
  • LCD I2C 16x2

Step 2: Software

Here you can download the program of the project:

There are two python file, one for the raspberry connected to the camera named "" in the folder "Raspberry_Camera" and the other one for the raspberry connected to the LCD hdmi screen and the makey makey board named "" in the folder "Raspberry_Makey".

For running the file you need to install the Rpi.GPIO module ad two libraries: RPLCD and Picamera.

For running the file you will need to install the library opencv-python. You have also to create an IFTTT account and create an applet that let you turn On or Off the sonoff via a web request. Then you need to insert your key in the program. Then you have to insert in the file the email and password of the gmail account from where you want to send the email.