Introduction: Helping Hand

This helping probably cost less that $1, most of the part make from scratch and can DIY by children.

When I make this helping hand, I throw my rusty one into rubbish bin and no need to buy another other helping hand.

++++++++++++ START ++++++++++++++++++++++++

When soldering a project, I hate to adjust the length of the arm and screwing the angle of the clamp frequently.

When I saw there is an octopus-like helping hand, I like the free angle movement but it seems quite silly that they attach on small stand. (the stand will occupy the working space)

I wonder there is a better way.

Step 1: Making the Frame

First, I found a broken umbrella and cut the fiber rod, I attach a clamp on the terminal size and wrap it with heat-shrink tubing (prevent electrostatic).

Then, I get some PVC tubing left from my previous project and cut it into small rings.

Get one piece of the PVC ring and drill 2 holes, insert the umbrella rod into it, since the hole are not line up in a straight line and the rod provide some flexibility, the friction can hole the rod and allow u to adjust the length freely.

Use nylon zip ties to tie up 5 PVC rings and cut the excess length.

Drill a hole on the bottom ring.

Step 2: Making the Base

Get another PVC ring and drill a hole on it.

Use plier to flatten the ring until a small binder clip can pass insert it.

Use M3 screw to screw up all the bottom ring to the frame (nylon nut is preferred).

Using rubberband on each joints and that's is.

Step 3: Some Adaptation

I get another PVC ring and drill a hole with a LED size. It can make soldering faster.

Also, each helping hand can install on metal/ wood/ plastic or even add a magnet and attach to refrigerator.


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